I will be moving soon and cannot accept any more custom orders at this time. I can mail flutes that are on the website until April 3rd and after April 10th. All flutes that are available are in the website. New orders will be accepted after April 10th. Thank you for your patience.

Custom Orders

If you cannot find the flute of your dreams in the products page, I would be happy to make a custom made flute to meet your needs.

Key: I currently can make pentatonic minor flutes tuned for cross finger notes in any key from E5 to B3.  Diatonic and 432 tuned flutes are also available.

Wood: I usually have aspen, poplar, butternut, walnut, sapele, mahogany, canary wood, and red zebra wood in stock.  I can obtain other exotic woods as long as I am not allergic to their dust.  Unfortunately, I can no longer make cedar flutes since I am allergic to the dust.

Stone inlays: I keep the following crushed stone for inlays:
bloodstone (dark green), Bali coral (red), jasper (brownish red), lapis (blue), abalone, fuscite (green), turquoise, amethyst (purple), copper (yes, the powdered metal), orange spiny oyster, black, Garnet (deep red), and tiger eye (brown).


Wood Inlay: I have zebra wood and maple wood inlay strips.  I can send you a picture of the patterns if you are interested in a wood inlay.

Laser Engraving: If you are interested in designs on the flute using a laser engraver, I will see if I can program them for you.  There is a setup charge for this service.

Please contact me with your specifications for a flute and I will give you an estimate on timing and cost.